TOC: J Assoc Con Res


Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2(1

Valuing Resource Valuation in Consumer Research: An Introduction
Chris Janiszewski and Luk Warlop

A Review of Resource Theories and Their Implications for Understanding Consumer Behavior
Michael J. Dorsch, Kjell Y. Törnblom, and Ali Kazemi

Storm after the Quiet: How Marketplace Interactions Shape Consumer Resources in Collective Goal Pursuits
Alexander P. Henkel, Johannes Boegershausen, Robert Ciuchita, and Gaby Odekerken-Schröder

Social Recycling Transforms Unwanted Goods into Happiness
Grant E. Donnelly, Cait Lamberton, Rebecca Walker Reczek, and Michael I. Norton

A Penny Saved Is Not a Penny Earned: When Decisions to Earn and Save Compete for Consumer Resources
Eesha Sharma and Punam A. Keller

The Effects of Resources on Brand and Interpersonal Connection
Danielle J. Brick, Tanya L. Chartrand, and Gavan J. Fitzsimons

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff: Emphasizing Importance Hinders Goal Pursuit for Consumers Low in Dispositional Self-Control Resources
Scott W. Davis and Kelly L. Haws

What’s in Your Wallet? Psychophysical Biases in the Estimation of Money
Priya Raghubir, Mario Capizzani, and Joydeep Srivastava

Mental Resources Increase Preference for Dissimilar Experiences
Juliano Laran and Eva Buechel