TOC: J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 35

Exploring the elements of consumer nostalgia in retailing: Evidence from a content analysis of retailer collages
Hyunju Shin, Janna Parker

Speaking up against service unfairness: The role of negative meta-perceptions
Ting Hin Ho, Dewi Tojib, Saman Khajehzadeh

Ethical work climate, employee commitment and proactive customer service performance: Test of the mediating effects of organizational politics
Patricia Yin Yin Lau, Jane L.Y. Terpstra Tong, Bella Ya-Hui Lien, Yen-Chen Hsu, Chooi Ling Chong

Comfort in brick and mortar shopping experiences: Examining antecedents and consequences of comfortable retail experiences
Jeremy Ainsworth, Jamye Foster

What drives consumers’ online information search behavior? Evidence from England
Champa Bati Dutta, Debasish Kumar Das

Consumers’ relationships with brands and brand communities – The multifaceted roles of identification and satisfaction
Bastian Popp, Herbert Woratschek

Explaining adoption of mobile banking with the theory of trying, general self-confidence, and cynicism
Walid Chaouali, Nizar Souiden, Riadh Ladhari

An exploratory study of consumers’ perceptions: What are affordable luxuries?
Juan Mundel, Patricia Huddleston, Michael Vodermeier

Product attributes and preference for foreign brands among Vietnamese consumers
Jaeha Lee, Minhthu Jill Nguyen

Determinants of repurchase intentions of real estate agent services: Direct and indirect effects of perceived ethicality
Nhat Quang Le, Magne Supphellen

Integration of standardization and customization: Impact on service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty
Leila Agha Kasiri, Kenny Teoh Guan Cheng, Murali Sambasivan, Samsinar Md. Sidin

Consumer’s scepticism of wine awards: A study of consumers’ use of wine awards
Rosemarie Neuninger, Damien Mather, Tara Duncan

Social bundling: A novel method to enhance consumers’ intention to purchase online bundles
Ahmed Doha, Maryam Ghasemaghaei, Khaled Hassanein

Unclarity confusion and expiration date labels in the United States: A consumer perspective
Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Purvi Shah

Chewing increases consumers’ thought-engagement during retail shopping
Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee, Ksenia Sergueeva

The role of benefits and transparency in shaping consumers’ green perceived value, self-brand connection and brand loyalty
Jialing Lin, Antonio Lobo, Civilai Leckie

Customer-oriented communication in retail and Net Promoter Score
Ludvík Eger, Michal Micík

Consumer experiences, attitude and behavioral intention toward online food delivery (OFD) services
Vincent Cheow Sern Yeo, See-Kwong Goh, Sajad Rezaei