TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 16(1)

Youth and the sociability of “Vaping”
Jennifer A. Yule and Julie S. Tinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Informational nudges as an effective approach in raising awareness among young adults about the risk of future disability
Linda Miesler, Corinne Scherrer, Roger Seiler and Angela Bearth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Young adolescents’ advertising literacy and purchase intention in social network games: Influence of perspective taking and need for cognition
Ini Vanwesenbeeck, Koen Ponnet and Michel Walrave [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The ineffectiveness of counterclaim advertising for increasing consumer sentiment
Brent Coker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pre-menstrual period: Do women really consume more?
Cristina Maria de Aguiar Pastore, Eliane Cristine Francisco-Maffezzolli, Wesley Vieira da Silva and Paulo de Paula Baptista [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prey positions as consumers’ behavioural patterns: Exploratory evidence from an fMRI study
Olivier Mesly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are you willing to pay the price? The impact of corporate social (ir)responsibility on consumer behavior towards national and foreign brands
Aristides I. Ferreira and Inês Ribeiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Couples’ narratives of shared-self, possessions and consumption experiences
Phoebe Wong, Margaret K. Hogg and Markus Vanharanta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who is more ethical? Cross-cultural comparison of consumer ethics between religious and non-religious consumers
Denni Arli and Andre Pekerti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]