TOC: Intl J Phys Dist Logistics Man


International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 47(1)

Supply chain 2.0 revisited: a framework for managing volatility-induced risk in the supply chain
Martin Christopher and Matthias Holweg

Extending the supply chain visibility boundary
Christian Busse, Martin C. Schleper, Jenny Weilenmann, and Stephan M. Wagner

The dark side of global sourcing: a systematic literature review and research agenda
Alina Stanczyk, Zelal Cataldo, Constantin Blome, and Christian Busse

The data-driven analytics for investigating cargo loss in logistics systems
Pei-Ju Wu, Mu-Chen Chen, and Chih-Kai Tsau

Linking decision-control and decision-management uses of performance measurement systems
Jose M. Sanchez, Maria L. Velez, María Ángeles Ramón-Jerónimo, and Pedro Araujo