TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 112(1)

The dark side of going abroad: How broad foreign experiences increase immoral behavior.
Lu, Jackson G.; Quoidbach, Jordi; Gino, Francesca; Chakroff, Alek; Maddux, William W.; Galinsky, Adam D. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To give or not to give? Interactive effects of status and legitimacy on generosity.
Hays, Nicholas A.; Blader, Steven L. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of indirect information on interpersonal trust despite direct information.
Zarolia, Pareezad; Weisbuch, Max; McRae, Kateri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Romantic relationships in the ecosystem: Compassionate goals, nonzero-sum beliefs, and change in relationship quality.
Crocker, Jennifer; Canevello, Amy; Lewis, Katherine A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

People both high and low on religious fundamentalism are prejudiced toward dissimilar groups.
Brandt, Mark J.; Van Tongeren, Daryl R. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of implicit gender role theories on gender system justification: Fixed beliefs strengthen masculinity to preserve the status quo.
Kray, Laura J.; Howland, Laura; Russell, Alexandra G.; Jackman, Lauren M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The implicit power motive in intergroup dialogues about the history of slavery.
Ditlmann, Ruth K.; Purdie-Vaughns, Valerie; Dovidio, John F.; Naft, Michael J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hierarchy in the eye of the beholder: (Anti-)egalitarianism shapes perceived levels of social inequality.
Kteily, Nour S.; Sheehy-Skeffington, Jennifer; Ho, Arnold K. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]