TOC: Bus Transformations


The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Continuous Business Transformations

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Continuous Business Transformation: What Is It All About?
Wolfgang Messner

Industry Life Cycles as an Underlying Source of Continuous Change
Peter Kreutter

Transformational Shifts

Lost in Transformation: Strategy Formulation in a Digitized World
Nicole Gottschalck, Christina Günther

An Exponential World: Nature, Patterns, and How to Leverage Them
Hans-Martin Hellebrand

The Effect of Digitalization on the Labor Market
Christian Bührer, Christian Hagist

Outcome-Driven Transformation
Adam Bujak, Marcus Esser

Transformation of Banking Institutions: Comparing Germany and India
Michael G. Schmitt, Taruna Gautam

Achieving Customer Centricity

The Changing Face of Customer Centricity
Rajesh Gaurav, G Shainesh

Rethinking Client Centricity to Reinvent Business Models
Shailesh Chopra, Premkumar Rajendran

Transforming Product Line Selection Strategy
Subrat Sarangi

Industry 4.0: How to Manage Transformation as the New Normal
Thomas Ochs, Ute Riemann

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
Klaus Holzhauser, Philipp Schalla

Country-of-origin Effects in a Global Market: The Case of China
Dirk Holtbrügge, Annalena Zeier

Dealing with New Technology

Customer Integration into Continuous Development of IT-based Services
Klaus Brockhoff

Toward a Safer Tomorrow: Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure
Solomon Karchefsky, H. Raghav Rao

Digital Change: How MOOCs Transform the Educational Landscape
Anna Kruse, Hans Pongratz

E-Leadership for SMEs in the Digital Age
Weizi Li, Kecheng Liu, Yinshan Tang, Maksim Belitski

Digital Transformation of a Swiss Ski Destination
Nils T. Kohle

Internet of Things: Legal Implications for Every Business
Ulrich Bäumer, Sabine von Oelffen, Miriam Keil

Leading the Change

Establishing Continuous Change
Erik Strauss, Jürgen Weber, Susanne Zubler