TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 81(4)

Covariate-free and Covariate-dependent Reliability
Peter M. Bentler

Latent Variable Selection for Multidimensional Item Response Theory Models via $$L_{1}$$ L 1 Regularization
Jianan Sun, Yunxiao Chen, Jingchen Liu, Zhiliang Ying & Tao Xin

Functional Generalized Structured Component Analysis
Hye Won Suk & Heungsun Hwang

As Good as GOLD: Gram–Schmidt Orthogonalization by Another Name
Michael D. Hunter

Asymptotically Correct Standardization of Person-Fit Statistics Beyond Dichotomous Items
Sandip Sinharay

Identification of Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models of Different Levels of Invariance for Ordered Categorical Outcomes
Hao Wu & Ryne Estabrook

Pairwise Likelihood Ratio Tests and Model Selection Criteria for Structural Equation Models with Ordinal Variables
Myrsini Katsikatsou & Irini Moustaki

Joint Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Diagnostic Classification Models
Chia-Yi Chiu, Hans-Friedrich Köhn, Yi Zheng & Robert Henson

A Note on the Identifiability of Fixed-Effect 3PL Models
Hao Wu

Restricted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Parameters of the Social Relations Model
Steffen Nestler

Detection of Test Speededness Using Change-Point Analysis
Can Shao, Jun Li & Ying Cheng

Revisiting the 4-Parameter Item Response Model: Bayesian Estimation and Application
Steven Andrew Culpepper