TOC: Dec Sciences


Decision Sciences, 47(6)

Supply Chain Decisions in Governmental Organizations
Geraldo Ferrer, Gyula Vastag and Gyu M. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complexity and Self-Sustainment in Disaster Response Supply Chains
Aruna Apte, John Khawam, Eva Regnier and Jay Simon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Design of Auction Parameters to Reduce the Effect of Collusion
Sidhartha S. Padhi, Stephan M. Wagner and Pratap K. J. Mohapatra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Public Transportation Decision-Making Model within a Metropolitan Area
Rebecca A. Scott, Benjamin T. George and Victor R. Prybutok [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Enterprise Risks of Technological Systems: An Exploratory Empirical Analysis of Vulnerability Characteristics as Drivers of Exploit Publication
Ravi Sen and Gregory R. Heim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Decisional Framework of Offshoring: Integrating Insights from 25 Years of Research to Provide Direction for Future
Mashiho Mihalache and Oli R. Mihalache [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Push and Pull Contracts in a Local Supply Chain with an Outside Market
Qinglong Gou, Suresh Sethi, Jinfeng Yue and Juan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Coordinating External Manufacturing of Product Modules
Magnus Persson, Martin Jan Eklind and Mats Winroth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]