TOC: Young Consumers


Young Consumers, 17(4)

Kids complain – do companies respond?
Cathy Cobb Walgren

“Everyone was wasted”! Insights from adolescents’ alcohol experience narratives
Kathy Knox, David James Schmidtke, Timo Dietrich, and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Correlates of parental mediation of pre-schooler’s advertising exposure
Kirsten Jane Robertson, Robert Aitken, Maree Thyne, and Leah Watkins

Like “My Wife and Mother-in-Law”: Mikmak and the need to assign a three-dimensional definition for groups of children-consumers
David Levin

Consuming Disney Channel: an actor-network perspective
Ingvild Kvale Sørenssen

Monotony of social networking among millennial and its effect on social advertisement: a challenge to digital marketers
Rashmi Singh

Adolescents’ role in family decision-making for services in India
Maria Ashraf and Kaleem Mohammad Khan

If children won lotteries: materialism, gratitude and imaginary windfall spending
Lisa Kiang, Sara Mendonça, Yue Liang, Ayse Payir, Lia T. O’Brien, Jonathan R.H. Tudge, and Lia B.L. Freitas

Teen girls’ adoption of a virtual fashion world
Caroline Kobia and Chuanlan Liu