Ilan Alon and Bersant Hobdari have created a new listserv that will focus on emerging markets

We have established a new ListServ via the Academy of Management focusing on Emerging Markets. The target audiences are researchers, academics, students, policy makers, and business practitioners of emerging markets. The list is managed by Ilan Alon (University of Agder) and Bersant Hobdari (Copenhagen Business School).

The purpose of the list is to generate discussion and scholarly exchange among researchers and practitioners of emerging markets business, relating to topical issues affecting these regions, current events and state-of-the-art research in this area. Topics will relate to business in emerging markets from multidisciplinary (international business, economics, finance, marketing, human resources, organizational behavior and management) and multinational geographic perspectives. The new forum provides an opportunity for members to share best practices, distribute call for papers, news and recent publications on emerging markets as well as find new collaborations and projects involving emerging markets.

To subscribe to this new and exciting ListServ, see link below


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