TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgement and Decision Making, 11(6)

Toward understanding everyday decision making by adults across the autism spectrum
Gary J. Gaeth, Irwin P. Levin, Gaurav Jain, Eleanor V. Burke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The potential relationship between spicy taste and risk seeking
Xue Wang, Liuna Geng, Jiawen Qin, Sixie Yao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contamination without contact: An examination of intention-based contagion
Olga Stavrova, George E. Newman, Anna Kulemann, Detlef Fetchenhauer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Semantic cross-scale numerical anchoring
Adam J. L. Harris, Maarten Speekenbrink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trade-upgrade framing effects: Trades are losses, but upgrades are improvements
Yan Sun, Barbara Mellers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Partner selection supported by opaque reputation promotes cooperative behavior
Valerio Capraro, Francesca Giardini, Daniele Vilone, Mario Paolucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The irrational hungry judge effect revisited: Simulations reveal that the magnitude of the effect is overestimated
Andreas Glöckner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of interruption on the decision-making process
Cheryl A. Nicholas, Andrew L. Cohen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]