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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 34(1)

In This Issue
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

Perspective: Understanding the Nature and Measurement of the Lead User Construct
Christoph Hienerth and Christopher Lettl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interaction Orientation and Product Development Performance for Taiwanese Electronics Firms: The Mediating Role of Market-Relating Capabilities
Yen-Chun Chen, Po-Chien Li, Kenneth R. Evans and Todd J. Arnold [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Project Suspensions and Failures in New Product Development: Returns for Entrepreneurial Firms in Co-Development Alliances
Yansong Hu, Peter McNamara and Dorota Piaskowska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Customer Involvement on New Product Development: Contingent and Substitutive Effects
Anna Shaojie Cui and Fang Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When to Use Loose or Tight Alliance Networks for Innovation? Empirical Evidence
Erwin Hofman, Johannes I. M. Halman and Michael Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drivers and Consequences of Narrative Transportation: Understanding the Role of Stories and Domain-Specific Skills in Improving Radically New Products
Fiona Schweitzer and Ellis A. Van den Hende [Publisher] [Google Scholar]