AAA/EAA Doctoral Colloquium 2017


American Academy of Advertising/European Advertising Academy, Boston, 23 Mar 2017; Deadline 18 Dec

AAA/EAA Joint Doctoral Colloquium, 2017
(AAA Pre-Conference, Boston US, March 23, 2017)
Chairs: Sara Rosengren and Ray Taylor

The aim of the AAA/EAA Doctoral Colloquium is to provide PhD students with professional skills needed for their academic career. The colloquium gives PhD students the opportunity to learn from the insights and experiences of senior scholars in their field of study. Furthermore, PhD students will meet peers from different countries and start (or continue) building an international network that will be valuable throughout their academic career.


The theme for this inaugural joint colloquium will be “Connecting the dots”. The program will cover multi-method research (Jeremy Kees, Kim Sheehan, Patrick De Pelsmacker), career planning and research networking across boarders (Edith Smit, Jooyoung Kim, Patrick Vargas), as well as intimate meeting with the editors of the leading journals in our field (Eric Haley, John Ford, Ray Taylor, Shintaro Okazaki, Terry Daugherty).


The colloquium will take place on March 23, 2017 in Boston. The sessions will start around noon and conclude with the AAA welcome reception late afternoon.


The colloquium is open to PhD students participating in the AAA Conference on March 24-26.


To participate in the AAA/EAA Doctoral Colloquium please send a one page application in which you describe your primary research interest(s) and briefly motivate why the doctoral colloquium would be important for you in developing your research career.

Please send your application by e-mail to: no later than December 18, 2016. Applicants will be notified about acceptance no later than December 22, 2016. The number of participants is limited and the selection will be based on the fit between research interests and AAA/EAA as well as motivations. A registration fee of $15 will be charged for all participants. Questions with regards to the doctoral colloquium can be directed to Sara Rosengren (EAA Board, Pre-conference/PhD program):

About the initiative:

In the past years EAA and AAA have moved closer together as shown by the joint membership offered to members of both organizations. The aim of the AAA/EAA Doctoral Colloquium is to enhance these ties even more. The colloquium thus comprises senior faculty from both organizations. The colloquium is open to PhD students participating in the 2017 AAA Conference.