Refugees and Humanitarian Crises


Dilemmas and Service Industry Response; Special issue of Service Industries Journal; Abstract deadline 1 May 2017

The current refugee crisis in Europe has received much political, media and academic attention. However, across the globe, the scale of human migration is at unprecedented levels. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) estimates that there are 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, 21.3 million of whom are refugees fleeing conflict or persecution at home. Lead actors in the global management of the refugee crisis acknowledge the urgent need for basic humanitarian aid as well as for resilience, protection and livelihood support projects. Individuals and businesses working within the service industries are in a unique position regarding this current global crisis: they are both influenced by, and have the potential to influence the lives of vulnerable refugees within host communities in both developed and developing countries.

This special edition seeks to publish research that explores the many questions, dilemmas and responses of service industries involved with this humanitarian crisis and, more broadly, in dealing with the exploitation of vulnerable populations. Multidisciplinary contributions are invited on a wide range of service industries linked topics, including:

  • The well-being and quality of life of refugees
  • Healthcare management of refugees: identifying signs of exploitation
  • The role of service industries in addressing legal and societal discrimination against immigrants and refugees
  • The role of service industries in the social integration of refugees
  • Refugee entrepreneurship
  • Assessing modern slavery and human exploitation risks
  • The ‘business case’ for service industries to respect, protect and remedy human rights
  • CSR policies and their effectiveness in eliminating labour exploitation in service industries’ value chains
  • Legal risks and human rights: how the changing legal landscape affects the way service industries do business?
  • Service industries’ advocacy for the protection of refugee rights, human rights and broader fundamental freedoms
  • How the technology and ‘Big Data’ are reshaping the protection of refugees and other vulnerable populations’ human rights?
  • Evaluating service industries’ grievance mechanisms effectiveness in the protection of labour rights
  • The challenges and opportunities of supporting and protecting whistle-blowers
  • Redefining leadership: embedding the prevention of human exploitation in management curricula and business education

Submission instructions

Researchers are invited to indicate their interest in contributing to this special issue by sending a 300-word abstract of their proposed paper by May, 1 2017 to Alexandros Paraskevas by e-mail at

The deadline for full paper submission is September, 30 2017 for standard peer review.

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Publication for this special issue is summer 2018.

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