TOC: Mar Sci


Marketing Science, 35(6)

Attribution Strategies and Return on Keyword Investment in Paid Search Advertising
Hongshuang (Alice) Li, P. K. Kannan, Siva Viswanathan, Abhishek Pani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Sympathy Biases Induce Charitable Giving? The Effects of Advertising Content
K. Sudhir, Subroto Roy, Mathew Cherian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantifying Cross and Direct Network Effects in Online Consumer-to-Consumer Platforms
Junhong Chu, Puneet Manchanda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating Purchase Conversion by Uncovering Online Visit Patterns
Chang Hee Park, Young-Hoon Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drug Detailing and Doctors’ Prescription Decisions: The Role of Information Content in the Face of Competitive Entry
Eelco Kappe, Stefan Stremersch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anticipated vs. Actual Synergy in Merger Partner Selection and Post-Merger Innovation
Vithala R. Rao, Yu Yu, Nita Umashankar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sentence-Based Text Analysis for Customer Reviews
Joachim Büschken, Greg M. Allenby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Random Assignment Is Not Enough: Accounting for Item Selectivity in Experimental Research
Fred M. Feinberg, Linda Court Salisbury, Yuanping Ying [Publisher] [Google Scholar]