TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 59

Special Section on Performance Contracting Essig Glas Selviaridis and Roehrich

Performance-based contracting in business markets
Michael Essig, Andreas H. Glas, Kostas Selviaridis, Jens K. Roehrich

Using performance-based contracts to foster innovation in outsourced service delivery
Regien Sumo, Wendy van der Valk, Geert Duysters, Arjan van Weele

Outcome attributability in performance-based contracting: Roles and activities of the buying organization
Fabian M.E. Nullmeier, Finn Wynstra, Erik M. van Raaij

Performance-based and functional contracting in value-based solution selling
Johanna Liinamaa, Mika Viljanen, Anna Hurmerinta, Maria Ivanova-Gongne, Hanna Luotola, Magnus Gustafsson

Performance based contracting in long-term supply relationships
Stefanos Mouzas

Performance-based contracting in the defence industry: Exploring triadic dynamics between government, OEMs and suppliers
Mickey Howard, Zhaohui Wu, Nigel Caldwell, Fu Jia, Christian König

Regular Articles

An exploration of the ‘dark side’ associations of conflict, power and dependence in customer–supplier relationships
Rhona E. Johnsen, Sylvie Lacoste

Supplier adaptation: A qualitative investigation of customer and supplier perspectives
Monique L. Ueltschy Murfield, Terry L. Esper

Network picturing: An action research study of strategizing in business networks
Morten H. Abrahamsen, Stephan C. Henneberg, Lars Huemer, Peter Naudé

Salesperson improvisation: Antecedents, performance outcomes, and boundary conditions
Abena Yeboah Banin, Nathaniel Boso, Magnus Hultman, Anne L. Souchon, Paul Hughes, Ekaterina Nemkova

The interactive effects of entrepreneurial orientation and capability-based HRM on firm performance: The mediating role of innovation ambidexterity
Jing A. Zhang, Fiona Edgar, Alan Geare, Conor O’Kane

Sustainable value propositions: Framework and implications for technology suppliers
Samuli Patala, Anne Jalkala, Joona Keränen, Sanni Väisänen, Valtteri Tuominen, Risto Soukka

Exploring the roles of university spin-offs in business networks
Lise Aaboen, Jens Laage-Hellman, Frida Lind, Christina Öberg, Tommy Shih

Agile-Stage-Gate: New idea-to-launch method for manufactured new products is faster, more responsive
Robert G. Cooper, Anita F Sommer