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Journal of Marketing Management: Advancing the Frontiers of Research in Marketing with new submission formats

Alternatives to Special Issues and Full Manuscripts

As part of JMM’s aim to Advance the Frontiers of Research in Marketing, we have recently announced new submission formats, and would encourage authors to consider submitting Research Notes, Commentaries, Multimedia content, Special Section or Special Issue Proposals, in addition of course to Standard Manuscripts.

To find out more about these new formats, visit

JMM’s current Special Issue Calls for Papers include:

  • The Dark Side of Marketing;
  • The Consumption, Politics and Transformation of Community;
  • Evolving Netnography; and,
  • Consumption, Marketing, and Taboo.

These can all be found at

We also have a Special Section forthcoming on ‘Violence, Markets and Marketing’, which is now seeking content proposals by 30 November. More details are at:

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