TOC: Man Sci


Management Science, 62(11)

Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employee Recognition and Performance: A Field Experiment
Christiane Bradler, Robert Dur, Susanne Neckermann, Arjan Non [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

One-Way Mirrors in Online Dating: A Randomized Field Experiment
Ravi Bapna, Jui Ramaprasad, Galit Shmueli, Akhmed Umyarov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Social Responsibility
Mark Pigors, Bettina Rockenbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Reconsideration of Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes
Antonio Filippin, Paolo Crosetto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic and Policy Implications of Restricted Patch Distribution
Karthik Kannan, Mohammad S. Rahman, Mohit Tawarmalani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Large Market Declines and Securities Litigation: Implications for Disclosing Adverse Earnings News
Dain C. Donelson, Justin J. Hopkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Competition Foster Commitment?
Daniel Ferreira, Thomas Kittsteiner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spatial Organization of Firms and Location Choices Through the Value Chain
Juan Alcácer, Mercedes Delgado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Capital Structure Affect the Behavior of Nonfinancial Stakeholders? An Empirical Investigation into Leverage and Union Strikes
Brett W. Myers, Alessio Saretto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Speculative Investors and Transactions Tax: Evidence from the Housing Market
Yuming Fu, Wenlan Qian, Bernard Yeung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Make-Take Structure and Market Quality: Evidence from the U.S. Options Markets
Amber Anand, Jian Hua, Tim McCormick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competing Under Asymmetric Information: The Case of Dynamic Random Access Memory Manufacturing
Pedro M. Gardete [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deadlines in Product Development
Juanjuan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Brand Image and Product Characteristics on Firms’ Entry and OEM Decisions
Fabio Caldieraro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: An Economic and Operational Analysis
Dennis J. Zhang, Itai Gurvich, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Eric Park, Robert S. Young, Mark V. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robust Scheduling Practices in the U.S. Airline Industry: Costs, Returns, and Inefficiencies
Scott E. Atkinson, Kamalini Ramdas, Jonathan W. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]