TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 53(8)

Entry and Technological Performance in New Technology Domains: Technological Opportunities, Technology Competition and Technological Relatedness
Bart Leten, Rene Belderbos and Bart Van Looy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Taking a Second Look in a Warped Crystal Ball: Explaining the Accuracy of Revised Forecasts
Violetta Bacon-Gerasymenko, Russell Coff and Rodolphe Durand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Who Knows What?’ in New Venture Teams: Transactive Memory Systems as a Micro-Foundation of Entrepreneurial Orientation
Ye Dai, Philip T. Roundy, Jay I. Chok, Fangsheng Ding and Gukdo Byun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Performance: A Meta-Analytic Evaluation and Extension
Stav Fainshmidt, Amir Pezeshkan, M. Lance Frazier, Anil Nair and Edward Markowski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Biggart’s Lament, or Getting Out of the Theory Cave
Nicole Woolsey Biggart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]