TOC: J Macromar


Journal of Macromarketing, 36(4)

Special Issue: Religion and Macromarketing

Introduction to the Special Issue: Religion and Macromarketing
Raymond Benton, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Religion-Related Research in the Journal of Macromarketing, 1981-2014
Jenna Drenten and Kristy McManus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fairtrade and Halal Food Certification and Labeling: Commercial Lessons and Religious Limitations
Gareth R. T. White and Anthony Samuel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Religion, Markets, and Digital Media: Seeking Halal Food in the U.S.Yusniza Kamarulzaman, Ann Veeck, Alhassan G. Mumuni, Mushtaq Luqmani, and
Zahir A. Quraeshi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring Catholic Social Teaching in a Social Marketing Context: History, Lessons and Future Directions
Susan Dann and Stephen Dann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Mixed Blessing: Market-mediated Religious Authority in Neopaganism
Diego Rinallo, Pauline Maclaran, and Lorna Stevens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Whatever Works’: The Marketplace Mission of Singapore’s City Harvest Church
Jeaney Yip and Susan Ainsworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thou Shall Not? The Influence of Religion on Beliefs of Stewardship and Dominion, Sustainable Behaviors, and Marketing Systems
R. Bret Leary, Elizabeth A. Minton, and John D. Mittelstaedt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analyzing the Religious War of Words over Climate Change
Nancy E. Landrum, Connor Tomaka, and John McCarthy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Religion and the Marketplace in the United States
Thomas A. Klein [Publisher]