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The Marketing Curriculum, Special issue of Marketing Education Review; Deadline 15 Mar 2017


Marketing Education Review
Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Tanner

Call for Papers: Special Issue

Business Analytics in the Marketing Curriculum: A Call for Integration

Special Issue Guest Editors:


  • Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, Texas A&M-Commerce
  • Héctor R. Lozada, Seton Hall University

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2017


Marketers now thrive in a world of massive amounts of accumulated data. The Internet and changes in technology have not only afforded marketers with access to consumers but also data on patterns of their behaviors. While there may be an abundance of collected data, this is often raw and unstructured. In order for data to be relevant and useful for marketing strategic purposes, someone has to transform the data. In other words, someone has to make sense of the data before it can be useful for decision-making. This was led to the rapidly growing field of study on business analytics. Analytics involves collecting, organizing, analyzing, optimizing and interpreting data for the purposes of problem solving and decision making. And while has its roots may be in statistics and information systems, the application of analytics transcends these two fields and it is applicable in almost all business disciplines – including marketing.


The purpose of this issue is to trigger a substantive discussion on how business analytics has been integrated in the marketing curriculum. We are interested in papers that make their own original and constructive contributions. In particular, we welcome pedagogical research that explore, investigate and advance our understanding of how to integrate business analytics in marketing courses and/or programs. This includes, but is not limited to, papers that focus on the rigors associated with program/course design [or even redesign] and implementation. We encourage authors to submit manuscripts that present effective classroom strategies/activities on teaching analytics and provide viable suggestions for readers. Papers on curriculum differences between business and marketing analytics are also welcomed. We also invite papers that substantially address business analytics within the context of accreditation including student learning objectives and assessment.


The due date for submission of manuscripts is March 15, 2017. Only original papers not currently under review or published in other journals may be submitted. The Marketing Education Review website ( provides information about the journal (i.e., aims and scope), instructions for authors (i.e., style and formatting guidelines), and information about the review process. MER receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site located at Please indicate that your submission is for the Special Issue on business analytics. Before being placed under review, each manuscript will be screened for adherence to MER style guidelines. If not properly formatted, the manuscript will be returned to the corresponding author.

QUESTIONS AND FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact the Special Issue Guest Editors directly

Alma Mintu-Wimsatt
Texas A&M-Commerce
Cell No. (214) 534-1494

Héctor R. Lozada
Seton Hall University
Cell No. (917) 225-7463