TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 10(4)

Translating satisfaction determination from health care to the automotive industry
Stefan Meinzer, Johann Prenninger, Patrick Vesel, Johannes Kornhuber, Judith Volmer, Joachim Hornegger & Björn M. Eskofier

Corporate identity management in the banking sector: effects on employees’ identification, identity attractiveness, and job satisfaction
Rafael Bravo, Jorge Matute & José M. Pina

Cognitive and affective constituents of the consumption experience in retail service settings: effects on store loyalty
Alev Kocak Alan, Ebru Tumer Kabadayi & Cengiz Yilmaz

How hotels compete on the basis of competitive priorities and their relationship with infrastructural and structural decisions
Tomás F. Espino-Rodríguez

Diagnosing service quality using customer reviews: an index approach based on sentiment and gap analyses
Bomi Song, Changyong Lee, Byungun Yoon & Yongtae Park

Self-service innovativeness scale: introduction, development, and validation of scale
Arun Kumar Kaushik & Zillur Rahman

Tourists’ participation and preference-related belief in co-creating value of experience: a nature-based perspective
Che-Jen Su, Anne-Marie Lebrun, Patrick Bouchet, Jun-Ren Wang, Nicolas Lorgnier & Jin-Hsing Yang

Can complaint-handling efforts promote customer engagement?
Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Iguácel Melero-Polo & F. Javier Sese

A service innovation framework for start-up firms by integrating service experience engineering approach and capability maturity model
K. J. Wang, J. Widagdo, Y. S. Lin, H. L. Yang & S. L. Hsiao