TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 139(1)

Using Traditional Narratives and Other Narrative Devices to Enact Humanizing Business Practices
Brian Shapiro

Securities Lending Activities in Mutual Funds and ETFs: Ethical Considerations
Lee M. Dunham, Randy Jorgensen & Ken Washer

Financial Disclosure and Customer Satisfaction: Do Companies Talking the Talk Actually Walk the Walk?
Ronald J. Balvers, John F. Gaski & Bill McDonald

The Economics of Insider Trading: A Free Market Perspective
Taylor Smith & Walter E. Block

Do Auditing and Reporting Standards Affect Firms’ Ethical Behaviours? The Moderating Role of National Culture
Yasemin Zengin Karaibrahimoglu & Burcu Guneri Cangarli

Exploring the Legality of Consumer Anti-branding Activities in the Digital Age
S. Umit Kucuk

Team Conflict Mediates the Effects of Organizational Politics on Employee Performance: A Cross-Level Analysis in China
Yuntao Bai, Guohong Helen Han & P. D. Harms

A Text Mining-Based Review of Cause-Related Marketing Literature
João Guerreiro, Paulo Rita & Duarte Trigueiros

Can “Real” Men Consume Ethically? How Ethical Consumption Leads to Unintended Observer Inference
Jingzhi Shang & John Peloza

Spirituality, Moral Identity, and Consumer Ethics: A Multi-cultural Study
Scott J. Vitell, Robert Allen King, Katharine Howie, Jean-François Toti, Lumina Albert, Encarnación Ramos Hidalgo & Omneya Yacout

Exporting an Inherently Harmful Product: The Marketing of Virginia Slims Cigarettes in the United States, Japan, and Korea
Timothy Dewhirst, Wonkyong B. Lee, Geoffrey T. Fong & Pamela M. Ling

Regulation and the Promotion of Audit Ethics: Analysis of the Content of the EU’s Policy
Anna Samsonova-Taddei & Javed Siddiqui

Audit Committees and Financial Reporting Quality in Singapore
Yuanto Kusnadi, Kwong Sin Leong, Themin Suwardy & Jiwei Wang