TOC: J Services Marr


Journal of Services Marketing, 30(7)

Editorial: the changing nature of data
Steve Baron and Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Servicescape attributes and consumer well-being
Xiaojing Sheng, Judy A. Siguaw, and Penny M. Simpson

Retrospective: the importance of servicescapes in leisure service settings
Kirk L. Wakefield and Jeffrey Blodgett

Effects of visual servicescape aesthetics comprehension and appreciation on consumer experience
Ingrid Y. Lin

Does anthropomorphism influence customers’ switching intentions in the self-service technology failure context?
Alei Fan, Luorong (Laurie) Wu, and Anna S. Mattila

Toward service recovery strategies: the role of consumer-organization relationship norms
JungYun (Christine) Hur and SooCheong (Shawn) Jang

Consumer search and satisfaction with mental health services
Lindsay R.L. Larson and Dora Elizabeth Bock

Co-production of service experiences: insights from the cultural sector
Joanna Minkiewicz, Kerrie Bridson, and Jody Evans

Restaurant tipping and customers’ susceptibility to emotional contagion
Paul Sergius Koku and Selen Savas