TOC: J Soc Mar


Journal of Social Marketing, 6(4)

The development of the “Water Campaign”
Lyne M.G. Blanchette, Vivian M. van de Gaar, Hein Raat, Jeff French, and Wilma Jansen

A quantitative approach to segmentation for prescription drug safety programs
R. Craig Lefebvre, Lauren McCormack, Olivia Taylor, Carla Bann, and Paula Rausch

Fear appeals: the influence of threat orientations
Chrysantus Awagu and Debra Z. Basil

Increasing brand recall for naming rights sponsorships
Robert J. Donovan, Julia Anwar-McHenry, Yolexis Hernandez Aguilera, Amberlee Nicholas, and Simone Kerrigan

Alcohol regulation, communication strategies and underage alcohol consumption in Spain
Carla Rodriguez-Sanchez and Franco Manuel Sancho-Esper

Insights into the complexity of behaviours: the MOAB framework
Joy Parkinson, Lisa Schuster, and Rebekah Russell-Bennett