TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 47(8)

From the Editors: Can I trust your findings? Ruling out alternative explanations in international business research
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ulf Andersson, Mary Yoko Brannen, Bo Bernhard Nielsen & A. Rebecca Reuber

Chinese import competition and the provisions for external debt financing in the US
Mohammad M Rahaman

Family involvement and firms’ establishment mode choice in foreign markets
Andrea Boellis, Sergio Mariotti, Alessandro Minichilli & Lucia Piscitello

An institutional perspective on the social outcome of entrepreneurship: Commercial microfinance and inclusive markets
Joshua K Ault

Miners, politics and institutional caryatids: Accounting for the transfer of HRM practices in the Brazilian multinational enterprise
John Geary & Roberta Aguzzoli

Global standardization or national differentiation of HRM practices in multinational companies? A comparison of multinationals in five countries
Tony Edwards, Rocío Sánchez-Mangas, Patrice Jalette, Jonathan Lavelle & Dana Minbaeva