TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 138(4)

Business Ethics and Finance in Greater China: Synthesis and Future Directions in Sustainability, CSR, and Fraud
Douglas Cumming, Wenxuan Hou & Edward Lee

Wealth Effects of Rare Earth Prices and China’s Rare Earth Elements Policy
Maximilian A. Müller, Denis Schweizer & Volker Seiler

Political Connections and Industrial Pollution: Evidence Based on State Ownership and Environmental Levies in China
Min Maung, Craig Wilson & Xiaobo Tang

Market Reactions to the First-Time Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports: Evidence from China
Kun Tracy Wang & Dejia Li

Sex Discrimination and Female Top Managers: Evidence from China
Huasheng Gao, Yaheng Lin & Yujing Ma

Reputational Implications for Partners After a Major Audit Failure: Evidence from China
Xianjie He, Jeffrey Pittman & Oliver Rui

Equity Incentives and Corporate Fraud in China
Lars Helge Hass, Monika Tarsalewska & Feng Zhan

Determinants of Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments in Emerging and Developed Economies: The Effects of Relational and Institutional Trust
Daniel Hain, Sofia Johan & Daojuan Wang

Mutual Fund Activism and Market Regulation During the Pre-IFRS Period: The Case of Earnings Informativeness in China from an Ethical Perspective
Shujun Ding, Chunxin Jia & Zhenyu Wu

CEO Accountability for Corporate Fraud: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China
Jiandong Chen, Douglas Cumming, Wenxuan Hou & Edward Lee