TOC: R for Mar Analytics


R for Marketing Research and Analytics

R for Marketing Research and Analytics is an introduction for R with an emphasis on applying R tools to marketing problems, which a focus on the practical skills today’s marketing analysts need. Additional materials for instructors including slides, data files, R code and errata are available at If you are using the book in a course or just thinking about it, please drop a note to

Part I: Basics of R

Chapter 1: Welcome to R

Chapter 2: The R Language
– R objects: vectors and data frames
– Loading and saving data

Part II: Fundamentals of Data Analysis

Chapter 3: Describing Data
– summary()
– Single variable visualizations

Chapter 4: Relationships Between Continuous Variables
– Scatterplots
– Correlations

Chapter 5: Comparing Groups: Tables and Visualizations
– Formula syntax in R
– Two-way tables
– Visualizations for two-way tables

Chapter 6: Comparing Groups: Statistical Tests
– Chi-Squared
– t-test

Chapter 7: Identifying Drivers of Outcomes: Linear Models
– Regression

Part II

Chapter 8: Reducing Data Complexity
– Principal components
– Exploratory factor analysis
– Multi-dimensional scaling

Chapter 9: Additional Linear Modeling Topics
– Logistic Regression
– Hierarchical models – Hierarchical Bayes models

Chapter 10: Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling

Chapter 11: Segmentation: Clustering and Classification

Chapter 12: Market Basket Analysis
– Association rules

Chapter 13: Choice Modeling
– Multinomial logit
– Hierarchical multinomial logit
– Hierarchical Bayes multinomial logit
– Design of conjoint studies