TOC: Multivariate Behav Res


Multivariate Behavioral Research, 51(5)

A Bayesian Power Analysis Procedure Considering Uncertainty in Effect Size Estimates from a Meta-analysis
Han Du & Lijuan Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hidden Markov Item Response Theory Models for Responses and Response Times
Dylan Molenaar, Daniel Oberski, Jeroen Vermunt & Paul De Boeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimation of the Coefficient of Variation with Minimum Risk: A Sequential Method for Minimizing Sampling Error and Study Cost
Bhargab Chattopadhyay & Ken Kelley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Power Analysis for the Likelihood-Ratio Test in Latent Markov Models: Shortcutting the Bootstrap p-Value-Based Method
Dereje W. Gudicha, Verena D. Schmittmann, Fetene B. Tekle & Jeroen K. Vermunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comparison of ML, WLSMV, and Bayesian Methods for Multilevel Structural Equation Models in Small Samples: A Simulation Study
Jana Holtmann, Tobias Koch, Katharina Lochner & Michael Eid [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Combined Effects of Measurement Error and Omitting Confounders in the Single-Mediator Model
Matthew S. Fritz, David A. Kenny & David P. MacKinnon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantitative Methods in Practice: Tutorials

Exploratory Bifactor Analysis: The Schmid-Leiman Orthogonalization and Jennrich-Bentler Analytic Rotations
Maxwell Mansolf & Steven P. Reise [Publisher] [Google Scholar]