TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 37(10)

Managerial compensation and corporate spinoffs
Emilie R. Feldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mental representation and the discovery of new strategies
Felipe A. Csaszar and Daniel A. Levinthal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Near and dear? The role of location in CSR engagement
Bryan W. Husted, Dima Jamali and Walid Saffar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The relevance of political affinity for the initial acquisition premium in cross-border acquisitions
Olivier Bertrand, Marie-Ann Betschinger and Alexander Settles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning to collaborate through collaboration: How allying with expert firms influences collaborative innovation within novice firms
Michael Howard, H. Kevin Steensma, Marjorie Lyles and Charles Dhanaraj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The double-edged effect of knowledge acquisition: How contracts safeguard pre-existing resources
Giorgio Zanarone, Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo and Tammy L. Madsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the relation between multimarket contact and service quality: Mutual forbearance or network coordination?
Peran van Reeven and Enrico Pennings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investor perceptions of CEO successor selection in the wake of integrity and competence failures: A policy capturing study
Brian L. Connelly, David J. Ketchen Jr,, K. Ashley Gangloff and Christopher L. Shook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Playing dirty or building capability? Corruption and HR training as competitive actions to threats from informal and foreign firm rivals
Akie Iriyama, Rajiv Kishore and Debabrata Talukdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Survey measures of first- and second-order competences
Erwin Danneels [Publisher] [Google Scholar]