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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33(6)

Innovation Research: What’s Next?
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

In This Issue
Gloria Barczak [Publisher]

Special Issue from the 2015 Innovation Product Development Management Conference Original Articles

Investigating the Influence of Technology Inflows on Technology Outflows in Open Innovation Processes: A Longitudinal Analysis
Uros Sikimic, Vittorio Chiesa, Federico Frattini and Vittoria G. Scalera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents to Decision-Making Quality and Agility in Innovation Portfolio Management
Alexander Kock and Hans Georg Gemünden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Do Transformational Leaders Promote Exploratory and Exploitative Innovation? Examining the Black Box through MASEM
Priscilla S. Kraft and Andreas Bausch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of University–Industry Collaboration on Technological Newness of Firms
Alexander Wirsich, Alexander Kock, Christoph Strumann and Carsten Schultz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Mapping the Topic Landscape of JPIM, 1984–2013: In Search of Hidden Structures and Development Trajectories
David Antons, Robin Kleer and Torsten Oliver Salge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Bibliometric Review of Open Innovation: Setting a Research Agenda
Krithika Randhawa, Ralf Wilden and Jan Hohberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

R&D Partnerships and Innovation Performance: Can There Be too Much of a Good Thing?
Hanna Hottenrott and Cindy Lopes-Bento [Publisher] [Google Scholar]