TOC: J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 53(7)

The Distinctive Identity of the Journal of Management Studies
Dries Faems, Igor Filatotchev, Bill Harley and Don Siegel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Choices at Entry and Relative Survival Advantage of Cooperatives versus Corporations in the US Bio-Ethanol Industry, 1978-2015
Christophe Boone and Serden Özcan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consistency Matters! How and When Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Employees’ Organizational Identification?
Kenneth De Roeck, Assâad El Akremi and Valérie Swaen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Walking and Talking Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications of Firm Size and Organizational Cost
Christopher Wickert, Andreas Georg Scherer and Laura J. Spence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder Relationship Bonds
Douglas A. Bosse and Richard Coughlan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Researching Corporate Social Responsibility Communication: Themes, Opportunities and Challenges
Andrew Crane and Sarah Glozer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]