TOC: Brand Hate


Brand Hate, A book by S.Umit Kucuk

Chapter-1: What is Hate?

    Definition of Hate
    Threatened Egotism and Hate
    Perceived Injustice and Hate
    Dimensions of Hate
    Severity of Hate

Chapter-2: What is Brand Hate?

    Definition of Brand Hate
    Components of Brand Hate
    Cold Brand Hate
    Cool Brand Hate
    Hot Brand Hate
    Types of Brand Hate
    Anti-Branding and Brand Hate
    Brand Bullying

Chapter-3: Antecedents of Brand Hate

    Company-Related Antecedents
    Product and Service Failures
    Corporate Social Irresponsibility
    The Potential Interaction Effects
    Consumer-Related Antecedents
    Consumer Personality Problems

Chapter-4: Consequences of Brand Hate

    Consumer Complaining and Negative WOM
    Consumer Boycott

Chapter-5: Semiotics of Brand Hate

    Brand Semiotics
    Anti-Branding Semiotics
    Digital Anti-Branding Discourse

Chapter-6: Legality of Brand Hate

    Brand Dilution
    Likelihood of Consumer Confusion
    Blurring and Tarnishment
    Brand Identity Collusion
    Anti-Branding Dilution
    Sources of Conflicts between Brand Dilution and Anti-Branding

Chapter-7: Managing Brand Hate