TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgment and Decision Making, 11(5)

Downside financial risk is misunderstood
Philip W. S. Newall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of surrounding positive and negative experiences on risk taking
Sandra Schneider, Sandra Kauffman, Andrea Ranieri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Proportion dominance in valuing lives: The role of deliberative thinking
André Mata [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not by desire alone: The role of cognitive consistency in the desirability bias
J. Edward Russo, Jonathan C. Corbin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Salient nutrition labels increase the integration of health attributes in food decision-making
Laura Enax, Ian Krajbich, Bernd Weber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Process dynamics in delay discounting decisions: An attractor dynamics approach
Stefan Scherbaum, Simon Frisch, Susanne Leiberg, Steven J. Lade, Thomas Goschke, Maja Dshemuchadse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Representations of moral violations: Category members and associated features
Justin F. Landy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing expert political judgment: The impact of training and practice on judgmental accuracy in geopolitical forecasting tournaments
Welton Chang, Eva Chen, Barbara Mellers, Philip Tetlock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anonymity and incentives: An investigation of techniques to reduce socially desirable responding in the Trust Game
Isabel Thielmann, Daniel W. Heck, Benjamin E. Hilbig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]