Group Projects


Sven Tuzovic seeks advice on blending face-to-face and online students for group projects

Dear fellow ELMAR members,

I am re-designing my graduate IMC course and I’m trying to integrate two different student cohorts (about 2/3 face-to-face students and 1/3 online students) working in virtual teams for a client-based IMC project. Has anyone experience with using virtual collaboration tools for marketing group projects, beyond just email, Dropbox, or Blackboard. If so, what are some online tools and platforms that you can recommend – ideally open source as I do not have funding to purchase licenses?

One of the challenges is how to structure the assignment. I would normally grade (a) student presentations and (b) the group paper. But I wonder how to conduct (and grade) presentations that include a mix of face-to-face students and online students (located in other cities and possibly other time zones).

I appreciate any suggestions, and I would be grateful for syllabi containing a description of the assignment and course project.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sven Tuzovic
QUT Business School