TOC: Econometrica


Econometrica, 84(5)

A Theory of Macroprudential Policies in the Presence of Nominal Rigidities
Emmanuel Farhi and Iván Werning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Female Labor Supply, Human Capital, and Welfare Reform
Richard Blundell, Monica Costa Dias, Costas Meghir and Jonathan Shaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Empirical Equilibrium Model of a Decentralized Asset Market
Alessandro Gavazza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robust Confidence Regions for Incomplete Models
Larry G. Epstein, Hiroaki Kaido and Kyoungwon Seo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consistent Probabilistic Social Choice
Florian Brandl, Felix Brandt and Hans Georg Seedig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Changes in Risk Attitude on Strategic Behavior
Jonathan Weinstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Notes and Comments

A Note on Comparative Ambiguity Aversion and Justifiability
P. Battigalli, S. Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni and M. Marinacci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Farms, Families, and Markets: New Evidence on Completeness of Markets in Agricultural Settings
Daniel LaFave and Duncan Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Large Market Asymptotics for Differentiated Product Demand Estimators With Economic Models of Supply
Timothy B. Armstrong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]