TOC: J Hosp Mar Man


Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 25(7)

Social Media Marketing: Applying the Uses and Gratifications Theory in the Hotel Industry
Eun-Kyong (Cindy) Choi, Deborah Fowler, Ben Goh & Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Customer Retention in Private Clubs Using Churn Analysis: Some Empirical Findings
Thomas A. Maier & Sagarika Prusty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Journey to Save on Travel Expenses: The Intentional Buying Process of Consumers on Opaque-Selling Websites
Hsiangting Shatina Chen & Jingxue (Jessica) Yuan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchasing Wine Online: The Effects of Social Influence, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and Wine Involvement
Mark A. Bonn, Woo Gon Kim, Sora Kang & Meehee Cho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Orientation as a Mediator Between Environmental Dimensions and Performance: A Study of Brazilian Hotels
Carlos Eduardo Carvalho, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto & Miguel Angel Verdinelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]