TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 138(1)

Fair Trade and the Fetishization of Levinasian Ethics
Juan Ignacio Staricco

Moral Repair in the Workplace: A Qualitative Investigation and Inductive Model
Jerry Goodstein, Ken Butterfield & Nathan Neale

Challenging the ‘Million Zeros’: The Importance of Imagination for Business Ethics Education
Cécile Rozuel

Code of Ethics: A Stratified Vehicle for Compliance
Jennifer Adelstein & Stewart Clegg

Virtue Ethics and the Practice–Institution Schema: An Ethical Case of Excellent Business Practices
Ying Wang, George Cheney & Juliet Roper

A Role for Ethics Theory in Speculative Business Ethics Teaching
Mick Fryer

Humility in Business: A Contextual Approach
Magnus Frostenson

A Systematic Literature Review on Islamic Values Applied in Quality Management Context
Amal Hayati Ishak & Muhamad Rahimi Osman

Effective Elements to Establish an Ethical Infrastructure: An Exploratory Study of SMEs in the Madrid Region
José Luis Fernández & Javier Camacho

Mental Models and Ethical Decision Making: The Mediating Role of Sensemaking
Zhanna Bagdasarov, James F. Johnson, Alexandra E. MacDougall, Logan M. Steele, Shane Connelly & Michael D. Mumford

Behavioral Ethics: A Critique and a Proposal
Carol Frogley Ellertson, Marc-Charles Ingerson & Richard N. Williams

Ethics Education and Accounting Students’ Level of Moral Development: Experimental Design in Tunisian Audit Context
Feten Arfaoui, Salma Damak-Ayadi, Raouf Ghram & Asma Bouchekoua

Online Education: Values Dilemma in Business and the Search for Empathic Engagement
S. M. Natale & A. F. Libertella

Ethics During Adolescence: A Social Networks Perspective
Elodie Gentina, Gregory M. Rose & Scott J. Vitell