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Marketing Academics Weekly: 15 September 2016

Members Only Webcast – New Results from The CMO Survey: Trends and Insights on Marketing’s Most Important Questions [This one is members only]
-By: Christine Moorman
The CMO Survey is the only non-commercial survey dedicated to the field of marketing. Its mission is to collect and disseminate the opinions of top marketers in order to predict the future of markets, track marketing excellence, and improve the value of marketing in firms and society. In this talk, founder and managing director, Professor Christine Moorman will share new results from the August 2016 survey. Topics will include survey results related to marketing spending, social media marketing, mobile marketing, marketing organization, marketing leadership, and marketing analytics.
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Highlights from the 2016 Summer AMA Awards Luncheon
-By: Matt Weingarden
As home to four leading journals within the Marketing discipline, the AMA honors numerous authors each year for contributions to the discipline, whether broad or specialized. The AMA Journal editors presented 8 awards at this year’s Summer AMA Awards Luncheon.
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Journal Reader: Consumer Protection and Warning Message Design
-By: Linda Court Salisbury
The AMA Journals have numerous articles discussing how characteristics of warning message design influence customer beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Managers can use information to improve warning message design.
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Academic Events Calendar
-By: Matt Weingarden
The AMA tries to promote all scholarly events within the marketing discipline in an open academic calendar. The calendar is also a tool to help various marketing organizations and conference planners when selecting event dates. Contact information for submitting event information is listed at the end of the calendar.
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