TOC: Intl J Retail Dist Man


International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 44(9)

Facility location for a closed-loop distribution network: a hybrid approach
Abhijeet Ghadge, Qifan Yang, Nigel Caldwell, Christian König, and Manoj Kumar Tiwari

Does urban form influence grocery shopping frequency? A study from Seattle, Washington, USA
Junfeng Jiao, Anne Vernez Moudon, and Adam Drewnowski

Investigating the effects of shyness and sociability on customer impulse buying tendencies
Mayank Dhaundiyal and Joseph Coughlan

Customer experience quality and demographic variables (age, gender, education level, and family income) in retail stores
Pankaj Deshwal

Congruency as a mediator in an IKEA retail setting
Miralem Helmefalk

Neil Towers