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Marketing Academics Weekly: 8 September 2016

Editors’ Perspective: Rajdeep Grewal on the Journal of Marketing Research
-By: Andy Seagram
Rajdeep Grewal, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Marketing Research, offers insight for authors looking to publish at JMR and discusses the challenges of navigating the peer-review process.
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CMO Survey Shows Organizational Gap in Digital Marketing
-By: Hal Conick
The 17th CMO Survey found that there’s a large organizational gap in digital marketing capabilities. Marketers have predicted an increase in spending for social, digital strategy and mobile marketing for years, but there has been an inability to prove effectiveness of the tools. As marketing becomes more specialized in areas like analytics and digital strategy, filling the gaps in any organization means getting the right people into the right roles.
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Heroic Marketing: How Marketing Creates Enduring Firm Value
-By: Lance A. Bettencourt
A forthcoming Journal of Marketing paper provides an exceptional framework to guide a firm in using customer l to enhance firm value. It’s a framework for heroic marketing, if you will.
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AMA Fellows
-By: Robin Coulter
Nominations for the 2017 American Marketing Association (AMA) Fellow Award are requested. The distinction of “AMA Fellow” is given to up to three people per year who have made significant contributions to the research, theory and practice of marketing, and/or to the service and activities of the AMA over a prolonged period of time. The AMA Fellow designation is intended to not only recognize marketing academics’ achievements, but also provide regular opportunities for fellowship, discussion, and collaboration. The 2017 cohort will be honored at the 2017 Winter AMA Conference in Orlando, FL.
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