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Research Policy, 45(9)

Special Section on The sciences are different and the differences matter; Edited by Ben R Martin

Introduction to discussion paper on ‘The sciences are different and the differences are important’
Ben R. Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The sciences are different and the differences matter
Richard R. Nelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Varieties of scientific knowledge and their contributions to dealing with policy problems: A response to Richard Nelson’s “The sciences are different and the differences matter”
Richard Whitley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The three legs of a stool: Comment on Richard Nelson, “The sciences are different and the differences matter”
Wesley M. Cohen, Jon Fjeld [Publisher]

Final observations
Richard R. Nelson [Publisher]

Regular Papers

Additionality or crowding-out? An overall evaluation of public R&D subsidy on private R&D expenditure
Marianna Marino, Stephane Lhuillery, Pierpaolo Parrotta, Davide Sala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Governing sustainability transitions through business model innovation: Towards a systems understanding
Ronan Bolton, Matthew Hannon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of pilot and demonstration plants in technology development and innovation policy
Hans Hellsmark, Johan Frishammar, Patrik Söderholm, Håkan Ylinenpää [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Essential patents and standard dynamics
Justus Baron, Tim Pohlmann, Knut Blind [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The allocation and effectiveness of China’s R&D subsidies – Evidence from listed firms
Philipp Boeing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Which gender gap? Factors affecting researchers’ scientific impact in science and medicine
Catherine Beaudry, Vincent Larivière [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological acquisitions: The impact of geography on post-acquisition innovative performance
Killian J. McCarthy, Hendrik Leendert Aalbers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modelling the dynamics of technological innovation systems
Bob Walrave, Rob Raven [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service regime and innovation clusters: An empirical study from service firms in Taiwan
Yuan-Chieh Chang, Min-Nan Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Royalty sharing, effort and invention in universities: Evidence from Portugal and Spain
Pere Arqué-Castells, Rui M. Cartaxo, Jose García-Quevedo, Manuel Mira Godinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unique synergies in technology acquisitions
George Chondrakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The strength of long ties and the weakness of strong ties: Knowledge diffusion through supply chain networks
Yasuyuki Todo, Petr Matous, Hiroyasu Inoue [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

University–industry collaboration and firms’ R&D effort
Alessandra Scandura [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social innovation research: An emerging area of innovation studies?
Robert P. van der Have, Luis Rubalcaba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving the Peer review process: Capturing more information and enabling high-risk/high-return research
Jonathan D. Linton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Worker-level and firm-level effects of a wage subsidy program for highly educated labor: Evidence from Denmark
Ulrich Kaiser, Johan M. Kuhn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]