TOC: Legends Mar


Legends in Marketing: Philip Kotler, Nine Volume Set

Volume 1: Marketing Theory and Orientations
Edited by: Ravi S. Achrol

Volume 2: Analytical Marketing
Edited by: Robert C. Blattberg

Volume 3: Creating and Managing the Product Mix
Edited by: Venkatesh Shankar

Volume 4: Improving the Role and Practice of Marketing
Edited by: Tim Ambler

Volume 5: Strategic Marketing
Edited by: Glen Urban

Volume 6: Globalization and International Marketing Competition
Edited by: Michael R. Czinkota

Volume 7: Marketing in the New Economy
Edited by: Patrick J. Duparcq

Volume 8: Broadening the Concept and Applications of Marketing
Edited by: William L. Wilkie

Volume 9: Marketing: Its Social and Ethical Side
Edited by: Paul N. Bloom

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