Marketing and Venture Type


Special issue of Small Enterprise Research; Deadline 30 Nov 2017

A Special Issue of Small Enterprise Research on Marketing and Venture Type

Scholarly papers, teaching cases and papers addressing the public policy and practitioner perspectives of marketing in different forms of ventures are encouraged.

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Marketing in SMEs has changed significantly in recent years with the increased use of technology and internet-based promotional activities. But the nature of the firm also influences marketing activity and this Special Issue addresses how small firm marketing strategies have been altered to meet small firm objectives. Morris, Neumeyer & Kuratko (2015) identified four different venture types as: (1) Aggressive/High-Growth Ventures – these are often technology-based ventures with strong innovation capabilities that seek exponential growth and are funded by equity capital; (2) Managed-Growth Ventures – have a workable business model and seek stable growth over time; (3) Lifestyle Ventures – provide a relatively stable income stream for owners based on a maintenance approach to management; and (4) Survival Ventures – provide basic subsistence for the entrepreneur and his/her family.

The objectives of each of these four ventures, their strategies and tactics differ and contributions that are relevant to any of these venture types are welcome

Topics might include (among many others):

  1. Are accelerators focusing too much on selling the business and not the product?
  2. How is marketing different in resource constrained Survival Ventures?
  3. What are the various applications of marketing management that can be used to gain advantage in Managed Growth Ventures?
  4. How does marketing interact with entrepreneurship in the recognition and exploitation of opportunity?
  5. What Ethical marketing practices occur in the different ventures types?

The above questions are just indicative suggestions for papers and the Guest Editors are open to all forms of contributions relating to SME Marketing. Submissions can be qualitative, quantitative or theoretical papers, plus a case study and a practitioner perspective will also be included in the Special Issue.

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