TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Produt & Brand Management, 25(5)

Interactive brand experience pathways to customer-brand engagement and value co-creation
Bill Merrilees

The impact of external social and internal personal forces on consumers’ brand community engagement on Facebook
Carina Simon, Tim Oliver Brexendorf, and Martin Fassnacht

An experiential model of consumer engagement in social media
Wondwesen Tafesse

Retail brand experience: scale development and validation
Imran Khan and Zillur Rahman

Consumers’ awareness of luxury brand counterfeits and their subsequent responses: when a threat becomes an opportunity for the genuine brand
Ilaria Baghi, Veronica Gabrielli, and Silvia Grappi

Validating a scale to measure consumer’s luxury brand aspiration
Sreejesh S., Abhigyan Sarkar, and Subhadip Roy

The impact of employee work perceptions on purchase intentions from a company store
Charles D. Bodkin, Cara Peters, and Jane Thomas

Modeling employee-based brand equity (EBBE) and perceived environmental uncertainty (PEU) on a firm’s performance
Athanasios Poulis and Zazli Wisker

Cleopatra Veloutsou and Francisco Guzman