TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 137(4)

Beyond the Particular and Universal: Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence of Context, Justice, and Ethics
Marion Fortin, Thierry Nadisic, Chris M. Bell, Jonathan R. Crawshaw & Russell Cropanzano

Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Leadership, and Trust Propensity: A Multi-Experience Model of Perceived Ethical Climate
S. Duane Hansen, Benjamin B. Dunford, Bradley J. Alge & Christine L. Jackson

Will I Cooperate? The Moderating Role of Informational Distance on Justice Reasoning
Tessa Melkonian, Guillaume Soenen & Maureen Ambrose

The Joint Effects of Justice Climate, Group Moral Identity, and Corporate Social Responsibility on the Prosocial and Deviant Behaviors of Groups
Meghan A. Thornton & Deborah E. Rupp

Facilitating Forgiveness in Organizational Contexts: Exploring the Injustice Gap, Emotions, and Expressive Writing Interventions
Laurie J. Barclay & Maria Francisca Saldanha

The Face of Fairness: Self-Awareness as a Means to Promote Fairness among Managers with Low Empathy
David B. Whiteside & Laurie J. Barclay

My Boss is Morally Disengaged: The Role of Ethical Leadership in Explaining the Interactive Effect of Supervisor and Employee Moral Disengagement on Employee Behaviors
Julena M. Bonner, Rebecca L. Greenbaum & David M. Mayer

The “Right” and the “Good” in Ethical Leadership: Implications for Supervisors’ Performance and Promotability Evaluations
Chaim Letwin, David Wo, Robert Folger, Darryl Rice, Regina Taylor, Brendan Richard & Shannon Taylor

Mapping the Main Roads to Fairness: Examining the Managerial Context of Fairness Promotion
Chris P. Long

Good Without Knowing it: Subtle Contextual Cues can Activate Moral Identity and Reshape Moral Intuition
Keith Leavitt, Lei Zhu & Karl Aquino