TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 81(3)

Consistency of Cluster Analysis for Cognitive Diagnosis: The Reduced Reparameterized Unified Model and the General Diagnostic Model
Chia-Yi Chiu & Hans-Friedrich Köhn

Biclustering Models for Two-Mode Ordinal Data
Eleni Matechou, Ivy Liu, Daniel Fernández, Miguel Farias & Bergljot Gjelsvik

Identifiability of Diagnostic Classification Models
Gongjun Xu & Stephanie Zhang

Linking Item Response Model Parameters
Wim J. van der Linden & Michelle D. Barrett

A New Online Calibration Method for Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing
Ping Chen & Chun Wang

Factor analysis models via I-divergence optimization
Lorenzo Finesso & Peter Spreij

Item-focussed Trees for the Identification of Items in Differential Item Functioning
Gerhard Tutz & Moritz Berger

Raw Data Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Common Principal Component Models: A State Space Approach
Fei Gu & Hao Wu

A Recursive Partitioning Method for the Prediction of Preference Rankings Based Upon Kemeny Distances
Antonio D’Ambrosio & Willem J. Heiser

A Note on the Linearly and Quadratically Weighted Kappa Coefficients
Pingke Li

Comparing Latent Means Without Mean Structure Models: A Projection-Based Approach
Lifang Deng & Ke-Hai Yuan

An autoregressive growth model for longitudinal item analysis
Minjeong Jeon & Sophia Rabe-Hesketh

A Finite Mixture of Nonlinear Random Coefficient Models for Continuous Repeated Measures Data
Nidhi Kohli, Jeffrey R. Harring & Cengiz Zopluoglu

Portfolio Decisions and Brain Reactions via the CEAD method
Piotr Majer, Peter N. C. Mohr, Hauke R. Heekeren & Wolfgang K. Härdle


Remembering Lyle V. Jones (1924–2016)
David Thissen