TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 47(6)


Widening the lens: Rethinking distance, diversity, and foreignness in international business research through positive organizational scholarship
Günter K Stahl, Rosalie L Tung, Tatiana Kostova & Mary Zellmer-Bruhn

Job complexity and learning opportunities: A silver lining in the design of global virtual work
Niina Nurmi & Pamela J Hinds

The positive role of global leaders in enhancing multicultural team innovation
Alon Lisak, Miriam Erez, Yang Sui & Cynthia Lee

Reconciling the advantages and liabilities of foreignness: Towards an identity-based framework
Jesper Edman

How does regional institutional complexity affect MNE internationalization?
Jean-Luc Arregle, Toyah L Miller, Michael A Hitt & Paul W Beamish

An architectural framework for global talent management
Shad Morris, Scott Snell & Ingmar Björkman