TOC: J Con Policy


Journal of Consumer Policy, 39(3)

Do Target Groups Appreciate Being Targeted? An Exploration of Healthy Eating Policy Acceptance
Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Tino Bech-Larsen & Sara Capacci

On the Credibility Determinants of a Quality Label: a Quasi-Natural Experiment Using the Example of Stiftung Warentest
Andreas Hildenbrand, Rainer Kühl & Anne Piper

The Myth of the Unscrupulous Energy User’s Dilemma: Evidence from Switzerland
Stefanie Lena Hille

Setting Boundaries Rather than Imposing Bans: Is it Possible to Regulate Consumer Arbitration Clauses to Achieve Fairness for Consumers?
Therese Wilson

Book Review

Stephen Brobeck and Robert N. Mayer, Watchdogs and Whistleblowers: A Reference Guide to Consumer Activism
Amanda Long