TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 59(4)

Grand Challenges and Inductive Methods: Rigor without Rigor Mortis
Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, Melissa E. Graebner, and Scott Sonenshein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Experts Become Liabilities: Domain Experts on Boards and Organizational Failure
Juan Almandoz and András Tilcsik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Justice Promotes Injustice: Why Minority Leaders Experience Bias When They Adhere to Interpersonal Justice Rules
Cindy P. Zapata, Andrew M. Carton, and Joseph T. Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation vs. Competition: Alternative Goal Structures for Motivating Groups in a Resource Scarce Environment
Geoffrey M. Kistruck, Robert B. Lount, Jr., Brett R. Smith, Brian J. Bergman, Jr., and Todd W. Moss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flourishing via Workplace Relationships: Moving Beyond Instrumental Support
Amy E. Colbert, Joyce E. Bono, and Radostina K. Purvanova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Doing More with Less: Innovation Input and Output in Family Firms
Patricio Duran, Nadine Kammerlander, Marc van Essen, and Thomas Zellweger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Different Views of Hierarchy and Why They Matter: Hierarchy as Inequality or as Cascading Influence
J. Stuart Bunderson, Gerben S. van der Vegt, Yeliz Cantimur, and Floor Rink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Empowered to Perform: A Multilevel Investigation of the Influence of Empowerment on Performance in Hospital Units
Lauren D’Innocenzo, Margaret M. Luciano, John E. Mathieu, M. Travis Maynard, and Gilad Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Coordinating Knowledge Creation in Multidisciplinary Teams: Evidence from Early-Stage Drug Discovery
Shiko M. Ben-Menahem, Georg von Krogh, Zeynep Erden, and Andreas Schneider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing the Risks of Proactivity: A Multilevel Study of Initiative and Performance in the Middle Management Context
Lotte Glaser, Wouter Stam, and Riki Takeuchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When in Rome, Look Like Caesar? Investigating the Link between Demand-side Cultural Power Distance and CEO Power
Ryan Krause, Igor Filatotchev, and Garry D. Bruton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Are Abusive Supervisors Abusive? A Dual-system Self-control Model
Lindie H. Liang, Huiwen Lian, Douglas J. Brown, D. Lance Ferris, Samuel Hanig, and Lisa M. Keeping [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local Partnering in Foreign Ventures: Uncertainty, Experiential Learning, and Syndication in Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments
Yu Liu and Markku Maula [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Misfit and Milestones: Structural Elaboration and Capability Reinforcement in the Evolution of Entrepreneurial Top Management Teams
Amanda J. Ferguson, Lisa E. Cohen, M. Diane Burton, and Christine M. Beckman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creative, Rare, Entitled, and Dishonest: How Commonality of Creativity in One’s Group Decreases an Individual’s Entitlement and Dishonesty
Lynne C. Vincent and Maryam Kouchaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Inheritance, Vertical Integration, and Entrant Survival in the Early U.S. Auto Industry
Nicholas Argyres and Romel Mostafa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]